Yes, another blog about another Custom Pentaho Data Integration Plugin. This time it is a plugin for extracting data from GetHarvest.

GetHarvest is a simple online time tracking tool. Used and trusted by thousands of businesses. More »

A few weeks ago Jasper Knulst, a colleague from Incentro, created a custom mapreduce program for Hadoop called “Hadoop QVX Converter” which produces files with a .qvx format. Qvx is an open format readable by Qlikview. This specific format loads its data a lot faster into Qlikview compared to CSV, Databases or other sources. The only format faster compared to QVX is the QVD format. Also a document specific for Qlikview but this format is not accessible for public use.

This mapreduce program gave me the idea to create a similar plugin for Pentaho Data Integration. So today i present to you: The Pentaho Data Integration QVX Writer plugin. More »

One of the best features in Pentaho Data Integration is the possibility to create your own transformation step also known as a “Pentaho Data Integration Plug-In”.

For example: I want to collect twitter messages containing specific keywords so I can analyze them afterwards. Pentaho itself does not have a standard plugin for this data input. So I created a plugin called “Twitter Search” which retrieves all messages containing their specified searchterms. Building a database containing all messages since the start of this project. More »