Yes, another blog about another Custom Pentaho Data Integration Plugin. This time it is a plugin for extracting data from GetHarvest.

GetHarvest is a simple online time tracking tool. Used and trusted by thousands of businesses.

Harvest lets you and your staff track time and send invoices from one integrated application. Get set up in just a few minutes and instantly start tracking time and invoicing your clients. Contractor and employee timesheet and timesheet approval is included. Use Harvest’s visual reports to see the distribution of your company’s resources at a glance. Create an online invoice and easily bill your client. Get paid faster by collecting online payments from your clients instantly and securely via the web. (Source: main page)

GetHarvest has an API available for their customers. Giving them the possibility to load their GetHarvest data into any other solution they want.

The added value to retrieve this data are the possibilities to import this data into your accounting software, create even more advanced reporting and analyse the time tracking data. With no offense to the available reports in GetHarvest itself. These reports will probably suffice for the majority of the questions you want to have answered as manager.

For example: You use GetHarvest to log all your employees working hours and to create and send your invoices. But your companies accountant uses Accountview as accounting software. This will create a situation you actually want to avoid. Two separate places where your you have to create your invoices. This will generate a lot of double work, which you really want to avoid, right? You will eliminate this issue by using the API GetHarvest provides and the possibilities with, for example, Accountview to automatically load XML files with the data from GetHarvest into the system. No manual work required. This case will work for any accounting software which allows data to be imported in automated style.

This process can be made even more easier by using the Pentaho Data Integration Plugin to load this data in any format you want (DB, CSV, XML, you name it) and use this data in any other software you own.

The following GetHarvest Objects are currently supported in this plugin: Invoice, Invoicedetails, Person, Project, Client, Task, Project hours, Person Assignment and Task Assignment.

Below you can see an example of one of my test transformations I used to retrieve project data from GetHarvest. First I retrieve all available projects. Then i split up the process into two hops. One loading the Project data into a database table and the other moving on to a ‘select values’ step. In this step I only selected the projectid to continue. With this ID I can retrieve relevant information regarding the project. In this case: who entered hours for this project, which persons are connected to this project and which tasks are connected. All of them loaded into a database table. After the loading process I am free to do what I want with the data.

The GetHarvest Plugin makes use of a modified version of the GetWheat library created by Christopher Smith

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